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Venus chub AI lets users connect with AI-generated NSFW characters from anime, gaming, and more. Venus chub AI has several SFW and NSFW characters.

The platform invites users to support it and contribute comments and suggestions to make it community-driven.Venus Chub AI lets users connect with AI-generated characters from anime, gaming, and more. Venus Chub AI has several SFW and NSFW AI Chatbot personalities.

The platform encourages users to support it and offers ways to donate, making it community-driven.

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    What is Venus Chub AI?

    Beyond casual conversation and fact-finding, Venus Chub AI shines with its unique features. It can handle NSFW content, providing a safe space for open discussions, and its capabilities extend to businesses, allowing for improved customer service. This intelligent chatbot even streamlines information retrieval, saving you time and effort by delivering relevant results to your queries faster than ever before.

    Venus Chub AI is an adult website that uses AI for chats with a sexual nature. It allows users to create custom character or choose from existing ones. While it offers advanced conversation features, it’s important to be aware of the website’s content before using it.

    Venus Chub AI Features

    AI Chatbots

    Interact with a wide variety of AI-generated NSFW and SFW characters, each with unique personalities and conversation styles. Choose from various scenarios like romance, sci-fi, fantasy, and more.

    NSFW Content

    The platform caters primarily to adult audiences, offering NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content in conversations. They have a lot of 18+ characters to chat and they engage like actual Girlfriend.

    Venus NSFW Characters
    NSFW Characters

    SFW Option

    While the focus is on NSFW, SFW (Safe For Work) characters are also available for users seeking non-sexual interactions.

    Character Customization

    Create custom characters from scratch or modify existing ones to suit your preferences. You can create even create a your virtual Girlfriend and boyfriend in nude sense.

    Diverse API Support

    Connects with different AI models like OpenAI, Mars, and Kobold AI for enhanced functionalities.

    Local Deployment

    For advanced users, Venus Chub AI allows local deployment using their own computing resources.

    Community Features

    Explore “Venus Chub,” a community platform where users share experiences, chat logs, and lorebooks for characters. If you face any issue with any adult character you talk about in community sesion.

    How to Use Venus Chub AI?

    • Visit the Venus Chub AI website and register.
    • Verify your email and log in.
    • Choose a character to chat with or create a new one.
    • Link your preferred AI model using an API key (e.g., OpenAI).
    • Start chatting and interact with the character.
    Venus Chub AI Overview

    How to Create a Character in Venus Chub AI

    How to Create a Character in Venus Chub AI
    How to Create a Character in Venus Chub AI

    Building your dream Girlfriend buddy on Venus Chub AI is easy!

    1. Click the “Create Character” button in the menu.

    2. Choose a character name, personality traits, interests, and appearance.

    3. Write tag line you want character name in chat noes and tags according to your buddy.

    4. Select SFW or NSFW content for the character.

    5. Write a brief description of the character’s personality and motivations.

    6. Save your creation. and enjoy your ai friend!


    Venus Chub AI Pricing
    Venus Chub AI Pricing

    Venus Chub AI Use Cases

    Exploration of Adult Fantasy: Interact with 18+ characters fulfilling specific fantasies in a safe, virtual environment.

    Roleplay: Engage in role-playing buddy with customized characters.

    Creative Writing Prompts: Use character interactions as inspiration for creative writing.

    Pros and Cons

    How to start 18+ Chat using API Key?

    To initiate an AI sex chat using an API key on Venus Chub AI, follow these steps.

    • Login or Register

    Visit the Venus Chub AI website and click the “Login” button located in the upper left corner to sign in. If you’re a new user, click “Register” to create an account.

    Venus Chub AI Login
    Venus Chub AI Login

    When registering, ensure to use a common email address. Note that users under 18 years old are not permitted to register.

    • Choose Characters

    After signing in, browse through the chat characters created by other users displayed below. Apply filters as desired.

    Choose Characters
    Choose Characters

    The interface offers two options: SFW (Safe For Work) and NSFW (Not Safe For Work), along with various tags for further filtering.

    Venus Chub AI boasts over 500 tags and categories for selection. Alternatively, you can manually search for characters by clicking the “Characters” button above.

    • Select a Character

    Once you’ve found a character of interest, click on the picture to access their introduction page.

    Here, you’ll find character definitions (avoiding spoilers is recommended) and user reviews.

    Click the “Chat” button below the character picture to enter the chat page.

    • API Settings

    Upon entering the chat, the character will greet you. However, you’ll notice that you can’t chat yet due to unset API settings.

    Venus Chub AI requires users to utilize their own API for chatting.

    If you don’t have an API, you can either register for one yourself or purchase a specific API provided by the platform.

    Access the API settings, where the default option is to use the OpenAI API. Other supported models include Anthropic, Kobold, Ooba, OpenRouter, PaLM 2, Mars, and Mercury (with payment required for the latter two).

    If you have an OpenAI account, log in to the OpenAI website, navigate to the API option in settings, and generate a new API key. Copy or note down this key.

    Fill in your API key and select the corresponding model version in the Chub AI API settings. Choose “gpt-3.5-turbo” for free users or higher versions if upgraded.

    Click “Check API Key” for validation. Upon success, the system will display the verified API key, enabling you to start chatting.

    Note that even as a free OpenAI user, there’s a usage quota. Once exhausted, you may need to upgrade or use other available APIs on Chub AI.

    • Additional Settings

    In the API settings, there are options such as “Pre History Instruction” and “Post History Instruction,” influencing the character’s behavior. Options range from default to romance or erotica styles.

    Customize the character’s behavior using prompts if desired.

    Utilize the “Impersonation Prompt” to prompt the system AI to assist in writing replies, visible within the chat interface.

    • Start Chatting

    With the API set up, you’re now ready to engage in AI sex chat. Begin conversing with the chatbot and explore the interactions based on your preferences and chosen settings.

    Start Chat with NSFW Character
    Start Chat with NSFW Character

    Venus Chub AI Alternatives

    Best alternatives of venus chub ai.

    • Character AI
    • Candy AI
    • Crushon AI
    • Janitor AI
    • NSFW Character AI
    • Botify AI
    • Spicychat AI
    • Joyland AI


    Is Venus AI safe?

    Venus Chub AI is for adults only. It lets you chat with AI characters in a sexual way.
    Here’s the safety thing
    It’s meant for grown-ups, not teens.
    They say they keep things private, but be careful online anyway.
    You control the chats, but some things might be risky.

    Does Venus chub AI have an app?

    Yes, venus chub ai have app both for andriod and ipone.

    Does Venus AI support NSFW content?

    Yes, Venus Chub AI is all about NSFW stuff, chats with AI characters that get spicy.


    In conclusion, Venus AI provides users with a fresh and fascinating interactive experience by virtue of its strong features and personalities that are sure to captivate them. In particular with regard to the development of AI companions, it opens up new opportunities for individuals, which in turn opens up a whole new universe for mankind throughout its whole.

    As long as we use it with caution, we can reduce the likelihood of these dangers occurring to the maximum degree possible, despite the fact that there are some potential concerns. The social applications of artificial intelligence get a great deal of support from Venus AI.

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